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Acronym Full Name Internet URL
Andersen Andersen Consulting
MHS Mondeor High School http://www
AER (Pty)Ltd Annergarn Environmental Research http://www
PhysCohDyn CC Physical Coherence Dynamics CC http://www
Private Private http://www
NLC CSIR National Laser Centre CSIR http://www
UH Universitas Hospital http://www
WITS University of the Witwatersrand http://www
Future Technolog http://www
TurningPoint Sol http://www
Shepid Shepid (Pty) Ltd http://www
General Mining http://www
Andromeda Andromeda Science Education http://www
Cosylab Cosylab, d. d., Control System Laboratory
CyberTracker CyberTracker Software
Denel Denel
E6 Element Six Technologies
E6 Element Six