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Acronym Full Name Department
General Mining Exploration
Future Technolog  
TurningPoint Sol  
AIT Advanced Imaging Technologies R&D
Andersen Andersen Consulting Technology Services
Andromeda Andromeda Science Education  
AER (Pty)Ltd Annergarn Environmental Research Atmosphere and energy reserach group
Blue Stallion Te Blue Stallion Technologies cc  
Clyral Clyral Digital Software
Cosylab Cosylab, d. d., Control System Laboratory ITER
CSIR CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security
CSIR CSIR Natural Isotopes, NPRL
CSIR CSIR National Laser Centre
CSIR CSIR Materials Science and Manufacturing
CSIR CSIR CHPC, Meraka Institute
CSIR CSIR National Physics Research Laboratory
CSIR CSIR Electro Optics
CSIR CSIR Defence Electronics
CSIR CSIR Defence Electronics Programme
CSIR CSIR Defence, Peace, Safety and Security Unit